Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.
— Theodore Roosevelt

A new season brings new change, new awareness, and new experiences.

Kick off your summer by enrolling in the Empowerment Challenge!


Do you ever find yourself living vicariously through others rather than taking action in your own life?

Do you ever wonder, “If my friends and family weren’t watching me, I would

Do you spend time daydreaming about one day starting your own side hustle or taking the plunge and quitting your job to start your own business?

Do you sometimes think, “I wish I was more confident to do that, but who am I to do this?” Like going on a solo trip or traveling to a country you’ve always dreamed of visiting, dyeing your hair a fun color or changing your look to match your personality,

Do you wish you had the courage to pursue an idea that you’ve secretly dreamed of but haven’t dared to share with the world?

Do you know you're playing it small in life but don’t know how to gain the confidence to go big just yet? 


If any of this resonates with you, it’s time to shake up what’s stopping you from stepping into your full potential and living your best life.

It’s time to build your power muscles and step into your empowerment by joining the 30-day Summer Empowerment Challenge.


Why Empowerment?

Empowerment helps you to build confidence and find strength in who you are. And it doesn’t have to be anything big like quitting your job or uprooting your life. It can be as simple as choosing to drive in your car and not listen to any audio, spending a day without wearing makeup or fixing your hair, or choosing to leave your phone behind for the day—anything that encourages you do get uncomfortable, live in the moment, and embody courage, confidence, and power.


30 Days to a Bolder, More Confident You

Learn to Embody Trust, Step into Your Own Unique Power, and Create the Life You’re Meant to Live through Fun, Engaging, & Empowering Challenges.

  • Step out of your comfort zone and into an expanded version of yourself

  • Learn to build rock star confidence

  • Unleash your inner bad-ass self

  • Join a team of other inspiring humans claiming their own empowerment

  • Take on 30 days of challenges to build your next level authentic self


This challenge is for you if…

  • You’d love to grow as a person and don’t want to read another self-help book

  • You’re ready to awaken your true self and own your inner power

  • You’re ready to unleash the potential within you on a whole new level

  • You want to shake up your norm and try things that expand who you are

  • You enjoy being in a group and gain courage by witnessing others step up

  • You’re ready to embody Empowerment in your own life


During the Empowerment Challenge we will…

  • Break down and understand what Empowerment means

  • Learn why it serves you to claim more Empowerment in your life

  • Discover how to live Empowerment in all areas of your life

  • Try on various Empowerment Challenges that are fun, exciting, and slightly uncomfortable.


Embody Trust.

Owning your Empowerment requires absolute trust in who you are and what you’re stepping into.

Access the Power Already Inside of You.

Stand strong in who YOU are. Take action with boldness and tenacity. Step out of your safe zone and into what you truly desire.

What are you meant to be doing?

Feel and live Empowerment in all areas of your life. Know in the moment what you’re meant to be doing, which actions you’re meant to take, and confidently step into them with full trust and power.


What’s included in the 4 Week Empowerment Challenge?

  • Introductory Intention Setting Call July 1st to kick off the challenge, get to know each other, and set our intentions for the challenge

  • Access to Private Facebook Group to engage with others during the challenge & receive guidance from Robin

  • Weekly Empowerment Challenges that are fun, exciting, and slightly uncomfortable

  • Weekly Q&A Calls to talk through any triumphs or setbacks that arise throughout the challenge

  • Final Transformation Call to celebrate our triumphs, growth, setbacks and tips for how to embody Empowerment in your life going forward to set yourself up for success in the future

  • Experience Empowerment in a new way and learn to live it in all areas of your life


What are the dates of the Empowerment Challenge?

Kickoff Call is Monday, July 15th!


  1. What is the format of the Empowerment Challenge?

    The Empowerment Challenge will take place in a private Facebook group. We will kick the challenge off on June 26 with a live intro and intention setting call to discuss the challenge and get to know me and the other participants in the challenge. Each week there will be a theme and challenges for you to participate in and a Q&A call at the end of each week for anyone who wishes to ask me questions live. We will use the private Facebook group to engage with one another, share our experiences around each challenge, and as a space to receive support.

  2. How much time will the Empowerment Challenge require each week?

    On average, you’ll want to set aside about 1.5 hours for calls and reading/learning of the weekly challenges. The Challenges itself will vary. While you’ll be able to incorporate a lot of things into your daily life, I might occasionally ask you to do an Empowement Challenge that may require more time (like taking a new class or going to a movie by yourself). I understand that it may already be a challenge to carve out an extra hour for yourself. I will do my best to provide options each week. And don’t worry, none of this will feel like a chore or homework.

  3. What are the challenges like? Can you give some examples?

    I could give some examples, but where’s the mystery in that? This is where I’ll ask you to trust me. The challenges will be fun, empowering (duh) and at times uncomfortable (in a good way!). They are designed to get you out of your comfort zone and into your empowerment zone. Each week there will be a theme with recommended challenges to participate in. Some of the challenges may come across as easy to you while more challenging to others. No matter the challenge, I encourage you to try them on (even if you think you know how its gonna go). And you won’t be alone. You’ll have me and an entire group for support and encouragement to move through each challenge.

  4. What if I miss the Intro Call or can’t make the Weekly Q&A calls?

    The calls will be recorded and available via the private Facebook group and email recap. If you aren’t able to make the live calls, I encourage you to watch the recordings so you can stay up to speed with the challenges each week.

  5. What is the private Facebook group like?

    When you enroll in the Empowerment Challenge, you will be invited to join the private Facebook group. The group is available for connecting and receiving support from me and the other participants in the challenge. The group will also be used for watching the Challenge videos and weekly Q&A calls. The Facebook group is a safe space to share your triumphs, setbacks, and connect with others participating in the challenge.

  6. What is the investment of the Challenge?

    I ask that you invest $97 in yourself! This gives you access to everything listed above! I will pour my heart into making this an unforgettable and empowering journey. The investment also holds everyone accountable to show up and be bold. Plus, you will receive coaching support and feedback from me in the group.

    If you want to go all in, you can can also opt to have a little more TLC from me by adding one of the coaching call options to your challenge. The calls are one-on-one and designed to support you at a deeper, more intimate level during this challenge. This option is perfect for you if you tend to sign up for a lot of groups or challenges and don’t actually participate or complete them. Or if you find that you are being blocked by any of the challenges, having additional support in your back pocket is a great option to support you in having a successful Empowerment Challenge experience. You can choose one call + the challenge for $197 or two calls + the challenge for $247 (great value!).

Empowerment Starts When You Register!

Choose the Best Option for You!

About Robin


Hello there! I’m Robin Finney—Solo Nomadic World Traveler, Empowerment Coach, Writer, Yoga Teacher, and Aunt Extraordinaire. My journey with transformational work started in 2015. In 2018, I took a giant leap and left my corporate job of 11 years, let go of my apartment, ditched most of my belongings, furniture, sold my car, and followed my dream of traveling the world. 7 months of solo traveling across 11 countries on 4 different continents changed my life and showed me that I am capable of whatever I set my mind and heart to and that there’s not just one way to live life. I now empower others to boldly step towards their dreams by guiding them through solo travel, transformational work, and empowerment photoshoots—all while working independently from my laptop all over the world.