A photoshoot can change your life.

I did my first photoshoot when I was in high school. It was 2003 and time for Senior Class pictures. Most people at that time did the traditional black drape and pearls headshot. My hairstylist at the time was a photographer on the side and offered to do a photoshoot for me. I have loved fashion ever since I was a little girl and had a subscription to Vogue magazine. I would dream of what it would be like to be a model. We went to a local park in my hometown, I selected my favorite black and white strapless dress and classic black stiletto heels. It was such a dream.

In 2008, I took a spontaneous road trip with my best friend Keri to Kansas City, Missouri to try out for America’s Next Top Model. We pretty much told our boss the day before what we were doing and she said, “Go!” We drove to and from Nashville to Kansas City (10.5 hours) in less than 2 days. I waited in line all day to go into a room just to say my name, age, height, and weight. Even at age 24, I was still older than a lot of the girls there. And while I was tall and relatively thin, I did not meet the requirements of being a model.

I never let go of my dream.

While I never saw being a professional model in my future, I still had visions of doing photoshoots in cool places. In 2015, I got connected with my now dear friend, Ashlie Woods. She had just returned from traveling Southeast Asia for a year and a half with her partner. She is a photographer and was offering a celebration photoshoot. I was at a place in my life where I was regaining my confidence and learning what it is to live a life of transformation. We did a photoshoot in an abandoned warehouse in Dallas. It was a dream come true. Ashlie had me select 3 words that I wanted my photos to embody. It was very intentional and gave me a reason to tune into myself. That photoshoot changed my life. It was the first time that I saw myself as beautiful on the inside and outside.

In 2018, I quit my corporate job of 11 years to embark on a solo travel journey all around the world. During my travels I began doing photoshoots. At first it started as a hobby, something I wanted to do for fun. In the midst of my photoshoot in Mexico, I got clear that this was more than a hobby. It was my mission and way to support local economies by hiring photographers, artisans, and stylists. I saw the joy that it brought the makeup artist when he transformed me into a vibrant, red-lipped superwoman. And the photographer was excited to share his city with me.

It’s not about the photos. It’s about the experience, the people, and the culture.

Through my photoshoots I have also been able to share about each place I visit and the beautiful cultures and people that make up each country. With many of the places I travel to (Mexico, Colombia, Morocco to name a few), I receive fearful comments or reactions from others about a woman traveling by herself. And what I’ve found is quite the opposite. I meet nothing but kindness in each place I visit.

This page is dedicated to all of my international photoshoots and the real artists behind the scenes and the beautiful countries and cultures I experience during each photoshoot. Click on a place to read about the inspiration behind the photoshoot and learn about the photographers, designers, and hair stylists & makeup artists.

I am on a personal mission to model in photoshoots in as many countries as I can all over the world. I will continue to document my experiences and highlight the real masters behind the scenes. If you would like to support my mission, please send me a message. I will be launching a Patreon soon to start raising support for this inspiring mission.

Reveal Your Soul

I also design photoshoot experiences through Reveal Your Soul Photo Adventures. I want each person to own their own unique beauty beauty inside and out. And for you to experience what it’s like to truly be seen. A photoshoot can and will change your life if you allow it. Forget what magazines and the media say a model is. You are a model in your own way. It doesn’t matter you race, weight, size, gender, color, or age. There is no one else in this world like you. During our experience together, I will guide you throughout this journey by breaking through any barriers or fears you may have around being photographed and seen, and then we will set intentions you would like for your photos to embody, and find the perfect style and clothing to suit your personality. To learn more about this transformational experience, send me an inquiry.

South America & Latin America

San Miguel de Allende


Photos: Gabo y Mafe Outfit: Sindashi Mexico Hair & Makeup: Portada Cartagena

Buenos Aires

Europe & Africa



Photos: Aoife Casey Outfit: Nha Khanh Makeup: Carmen Cubero


Photos: Mahmoud Tabbou Styling + Logistics: Rhani Abdelghani

United States