The Girl on Fire

2018 was my breakout year. It's the year, I said 'YES' to myself and living my dreams. I said goodbye to my corporate marketing job and amazing company of nearly 11 years, turned in the keys to my apartment, sold my furniture and car, and set off on my nomadic journey around the world. I traveled to 11 countries across 4 continents, and I’m just getting started! I would love to share my story with you and what brought me to this point.

It’s been quite a journey and one that did not happen overnight.



Partner with me to speak at your next event! I would love to share my story and what led me to quit my career of 11 years, leave my apartment and life in Dallas behind, sell most of my possessions (including my car), and set off on a nomadic solo travel journey around the world!

Engaging, personable, authentic, and captivating, I will leave the audience with a sense of wonder and spirit for taking their own bold step in life.

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