Cartagena, Colombia - October 2018

What inspired this photoshoot?

In October 2018, I entered South America (my 6th continent) for the first time. The moment I stepped foot in Colombia, I knew there was something magical about this place. From what you hear on the news and see in Netlix shows, Colombia is portrayed as a place of danger and drugs. While they do have a dark history, their current situation and future is extremely bright. I spent 2 weeks in Medellín for a conference for nomads called 7in7. During that time I learned so much about Colombia, its beautiful culture and people.

After the conference was complete, I headed to Cartagena. I didn’t know much about this city, other than it was a recommended place to visit. Located on the Caribbean coast, Cartagena is a city filled with lots of colorful streets and buildings that take you a step back in time. I instantly knew it would be my next destination for a photoshoot.

After I did my photoshoot in Mexico in August 2018, I set a goal of doing photoshoots in as many countries as I could as a way to support local photographers, designers, and stylists by hiring local, and as a way to shine a positive light on places all over the world.

Cartagena was the perfect place to embark on this journey.

How did you find your outfit?

Part of my mission is to buy clothing from local designers or boutiques. While in Mexico, I found this vibrant hand-painted dress from a designer in San Miguel de Allende, Sindashi. I carried this dress to South America. It was the perfect dress for a beach photoshoot. I got to meet the designer and have her custom fit the dress to fit my body. I also found a gorgeous dress from a local boutique in Cartagena called Petrona. The owner of the shop was so excited to help me find the perfect dress.

Sindashi: Hand-Painted Pink Multi-Colored Gown designed by Sindashi in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Visit their store here:

Sindashi means white in Otomí, a canvas ready to be painted by hand, with the passion, history and culture that our painters have. With the aim of promoting their talent and unique pieces. Sindashi is a representation of the best of Mexico and the joy that surrounds us. We are a proudly Mexican brand, which is in love and inspired by our Mexican roots, cultures and its people. Our commitment goes beyond exclusive and unique clothing; Sindashi cares about our communities and young Mexicans, offering them opportunities to develop their talent such as embroidery, hand painting and internal programs to generate work and opportunities for them.  

Petrona CTG: This boutique was referred to me by Mafe. It’s a small shop in the heart of Cartagena. The own was so excited to hear of my mission and helped me to find this colorful pink and green gown. I can’t imagine any other dress to capture the vibrancy of Cartagena. Visit their store on Instagram:

How did you feel during and after the photoshoot?

This photoshoot was the first shoot where I felt like a real model. There’s something special about having others style you by doing your hair and makeup. And to be so beautifully guided by the photographers caps it off. I felt really alive during this shoot. After the shoot, I took myself on a date as part of my mission to treat myself on a special solo date—no book, no phone, no journal. Just me and my own company.

Photoshoot Credits

Photographer: Gabo y Mafe

I was connected to Gabo & Mafe through my photographer in Mexico. He recommended a site to me where I can find photographers. Gabo & Mafe were the first to respond to my request and fully supported my vision. A husband and wife duo, they know how to create the most magical experience. I immediately connected with their mission and knew I wanted to work with them.

OUR COMMITMENT is to give you photographs that celebrate your life, that allow you to tell your story and leave a VISUAL LEGACY towards future generations, so that you are remembered, so that they are INSPIRED.

No only are they a powerful team, but they understand movement and how to best capture not only the subject but the fashion. I look forward to working with them again someday and sending my clients to them. They are one of a kind. I feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity with them.

To hire Gabo y Mafe, visit their website or reach out to them on Instagram. Don’t forget to mention you found them on my site!

Hair + Makeup: Edwin Prada Romero at Portada Peluqueria

I had so much fun working with Edwin. He is extremely talented and has styled and painted the faces of many supermodels for top magazines and events. He is extremely kind, funny, and engaging. He created the perfect look to fit both of my looks.

Fun Story: It was wicked hot and humid the day of my shoot. After I left the salon from my hair and makeup session, the humidity hit and my hair immediately began to curl. When Gabo & Mafe arrived, I was nearly in tears. My beautiful hair was messed up. Mafe jumped into action and found a salon nearby. We entered Gloss Peluquería and Cesar Augusto Martinez Medina came to the rescue! He restraightened my hair and added lots of product to hold it in place.