Emilia Jean ("Milly") 

Milly is my 11 year old niece who taught me what it means to be an aunt. She is has an eye for art -- one of her drawings will be featured on her school year book cover; plays soccer and is a Minecraft and Musical.ly master. She loves being a big sister to Payleigh and spending time with her cousins when she visits. 


Mila Claire

Mila is a spunky, self-expressed 4 year old. She is super smart and has a memory unlike anyone I've ever seen before. She loves wearing pretty dresses (which all have to meet a certain criteria) and loves to draw and play outside. She is my little Southwest Companion and accompanies me on some of my travels. 


Stella Raine

Stella turned 2 years old in April. Her vocabulary is really developing and she has the sweetest voice. She will likely have a future in singing (amazing pitch!). She tolerates her older sister Mila very well and gives the sweetest hugs. 



Payton Leigh ("Payleigh")

Payleigh is the youngest of my 4 nieces and the little sister to Milly. She turned one in March. Payleigh is the happiest baby. She is always full of smiles and loves her big sister.