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There are many options when it comes to planning a trip, journey, vacation, or holiday. You either love it and don’t have the time to plan all of the details, or you don’t love it, and it’s more of a chore for you. I’ve been traveling my whole life and internationally for 15 years. I am here to help you design a trip that fits your “Why”. Wherever the destination, let me support you in creating a memorable experience.

Why Wandering Aunt Travels?

I’ve been traveling my whole life. In fact, I’ve been to every state in the U.S. and traveled to 39 countries across 6 continents. I even quit my corporate job of 11 years in 2018 to pursue my dream of traveling the world. I know a thing or two about planning trips, travel hacking, finding good deals, and traveling where the locals go. Travel has completely transformed my life, and I want to inspire you to go outside of your norm and experience new places. And you don’t have to leave the country to do so. Although I am a fan of getting my passport stamped. There’s lots to see in your own country!

I design trips to fit your “Why”. There are many travel planners, agents, and services out there to support you in planning your next adventure. What’s unique about me is that I design experiences that match your vision for your trip (not mine). I want to learn about you—your travel style, likes and dislikes, and what feeling you want to have while on your adventure and when you return home to share about it with your family and friends.

Together we’ll create a beautiful and memorable experience.

Wandering Aunt Travel Planning Packages

I offer 3 different packages to support your travel planning needs. And if a package is more than what you require, check out the a la carte services for one-off support.

The Realist

Destination in Mind

The Realist

You’re a Realist. You know your destination and have an idea in mind of what you want to do there. You just want some support in planning the extra details.

The Dreamer

No Destination in Mind

The Dreamer

You’re a Dreamer. You have many places you’ve dreamed of going to and don’t know how to narrow it down. You want to have some options to explore and land on the best fit.

The Venturist

Full Destination Planning

The Venturist

You’re a Venturist. You know you want to go somewhere and may even have a place in mind, but don’t have any time for logistics or planning. You would love for someone to support in all areas.


à la carte Services

One-Off Services to fit your needs

Perhaps you already have your destination in mind and just need support with finding the perfect accommodations. Or you want help with where to eat while you’re on your trip or with activities. In this case booking a whole package may not serve you best. Choose which service or services best suit your upcoming travel needs.


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