A Welcome of Sorts


This past February I traveled to Nashville with my 4-year old niece, Mila. It was her first out-of-town trip without her parents, and our first solo trip together. Mila was beyond excited to be flying on an airplane with her Aunt Brobin (as she likes to call me). Being the little chatter box that she is, she talked the entire flight asking questions about every little thing. When we landed and exited the plane, this woman came up to me and told me that I was the most patient aunt she had ever seen. I took that as a compliment. 

For years, I’ve been wanting to start a blog about travel, but it always seemed so general to me. There are a lot of travel blogs out there so I wanted to do something different. I always describe myself as a Wanderluster, Aunt Extraordinaire, Healthy Foodie, and Aspiring Photographer. So creating a blog to highlight those areas seemed more appropriate, and yet it didn't seem like "this is it!"   

It was during that first solo trip to Nashville with Mila that it hit me...“Robin, you’re an amazing aunt! You love your nieces and spoil them greatly. Everyone wishes they had an Aunt Robin in their kid’s life.” And that was it. Combined with my love for travel and my 4 nieces, the idea for Wandering Aunt was born.

I am still unclear as to where I will go with this blog. I have some ideas; and at this point just need to put pen to paper (or typing to screen) and share my travel and experiences of being an Aunt Extraordinaire and World Traveler to others.

I invite you to take part in this journey with me. Together we can learn and inspire each other along the way. 

Image: Ashlie Woods