Guatemala: Wildhearted Retreat Part 1

Photo by Ashlie Woods

Photo by Ashlie Woods

In less than one month, I will embark on a deep meditative, spiritual journey with 8 to 10 other women at Wildhearted Retreat on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala. Led by my dear friend, mentor, and beautiful soul, Ashlie Woods, Wildhearted will dive deep into the inner workings of oneself and unleash your wildheart.  

Awaken to the beauty, truth and divinity within you.

Free yourself from the shoulds and have-to's that are holding you back.

Discover your inherent power to create.

Experience profound freedom, peace and joy. 

Fall in love with yourself and your life.

I first met Ashlie about 4 years ago at a photography showcase upon her return from spending 15 months in Southeast Asia. I felt an instant connection with Ashlie and knew we would be good friends. In the time that I've known Ashlie, I have learned so much and grown from her wisdom and spirit through monthly meditation circles, photography sessions, workshops, and from her first mini Wildhearted Retreat in Austin, TX in 2016. I had the privilege of being photographed by Ashlie in 2015 during one of her Celebration photo shoots. Many of the beautiful portraits that you see on my site, were taken by Ashlie. It was through that photo shoot that I was able to fully grasp my beauty - both inside and out. You can read more about that experience here

I am both anxious and excited for this retreat and what it will open up for me and the women attending. As much as I love adventure and travel, I play it safe in so many areas of my life. I have found myself taking more actions without much hesitation this year alone (signing up for this retreat was one of them); yet, I still find myself holding back and not fully embracing life. 

I look forward to what this retreat will unveil and can't wait to share Part 2 of this journey with you. 

If you find yourself resonating with this post or feel that you are not living life fully, I dare you to be spontaneous and take a chance and join us on this retreat. There are still a couple of spots left. And what better way to spend 7 days of your summer than on the beautiful Lake Atitlán in Guatemala!