What Are You Afraid of Doing?

I'm working on a potential project and need your help! I'd be grateful if you would read this post and respond in the comments or send me a message with your response. Thank you in advance. 


What is something that you are afraid of doing? And how long has that fear been present for you? Are you afraid of Public Speaking? Or heights or water? What would it take for you to overcome that fear? 

For me, I am afraid of singing a solo in public, which seems odd considering I enjoy public speaking and being on stage. And I love singing and have my whole life. I learned the beauty of A capella singing when I was a kid growing up in church; I was in choir in middle school, high school, and college; participated in musicals in middle school and high school; and I spend my days singing around the house and in the car.  Needless to say, music is a big part of my life. 

And despite all of these things, I've never been able to successfully sing a solo in front of a crowd. I loved being in musicals in high school and always dreamed of having a lead role.  But when it came time to audition, I would get on stage and my voice would freeze up and nothing would come out. Fear would take over and my vocal chords would lock. So I always ended up in the chorus. 

This fear has been present for me for most of my life, and I've never really turned my attention towards overcoming it. 

So what about you? I want to hear what one or some of your fears are. I'm working on a potential project and your feedback will help me to determine the next steps to take. Let me know by leaving a comment below or send me a message with your response.