When to Jump

Listen to the words playing inside you. Remember the person in the best position to decide something for you is YOU. No one else has the information that you have about yourself, your abilities, the talents that you might be hiding, the secrets that you have in your heart, or the experiences that have helped you or hindered you. Jumping is good. It’s euphoric; scary. But the Fear is outweighed by the joy of owning your own actions and taking responsibility.
— An Excerpt from When to Jump by Mike Lewis

Is there a "right" time to make a big change, take a risk, or follow your heart? How do you know if you're ready or not? In July 2017, I thought I was ready. I could finally see through the muddy water. A vision so clear. I was attending a Wildhearted Meditation Retreat in Guatemala and got very clear (on the first day) that it was time to leave my career of 10 years and step into the unknown. As soon as I saw it, I was ready to take the plunge. Sometimes it's good to ride the wave and act on impulse; move while the feeling is high. I saw the vision and thought I was ready. I had no plan, but I thought it would come as soon as I created an opening for it. 

I returned from my 10 day trip and felt high on life and ready to take a bold step. Yet, there were other plans in the works that I wasn't privy to at the time. I made a choice to stay in my job through the first quarter. I wanted to see some projects through and honor other commitments I had made. I remember feeling defeated in the moment when I chose to stay. I was so close to taking a bold step, and I retreated.  I was afraid that I would lose this momentum and continue to play it safe, and wake up 5 years later to find myself in the same spot. But I knew this time was different. I had spent a lot of time doing deep inner/transformative work and was in a much better position to stick with my dreams. And I also had an entire community of support gently nudging (and at times pushing) me to keep my eye on the prize. They say it take a village to raise a child; it takes a village to push a Robin...

It truly takes a community of people to make a jump. You never jump alone. You’re making it with the support of others, the counsel and wisdom of others, the uniformed intuitions of other people.
— When to Jump, Mike Lewis

Here I am 9 months later, and I'm finally making my jump. I will be leaving in less than a month on a 7-week solo journey to Southeast Asia. Looking back, I can now see that it wasn't the right time before. Yes, I probably would've been okay had I jumped, but I would've missed out on so many opportunities and life-changing experiences that have prepared me for this moment. 

Had I jumped earlier, I may not have...

Check out the audio of this book.  Hear other jump stories and be inspired to take action. 

Check out the audio of this book. Hear other jump stories and be inspired to take action. 

  • Enrolled in the Self Expression and Leadership Program and rediscovered that I am a leader and belong in the spotlight. And I would not have put on an awesome Fear Show
  • Jumped into Yoga Teacher Training and gone down a 4-month life-changing journey
  • Met my "omies" and other dear friends who have shaped and supported me throughout this journey
  • Had the courage to move into my first solo apartment when I knew it would be temporary 
  • Mended relationships in my life that mean so much to me
  • Read When to Jump, If the Job You have is Not the Life You Want by Mike Lewis and found courage and inspiration in others' jump stories
  • Auditioned to be a yoga teacher or started teaching
  • Gone on my second Wildhearted Retreat
  • Discovered that I really am worth the risk, the investment, and that I have nothing to prove
  • Let go of the voice in my head telling me that I'm not ready 
  • Booked a ticket for a solo journey on the other side of the world

We often get lost in the end result that we fail to appreciate the journey. The past 9 months have not been easy by any means. I've been challenged in more ways than not in this short amount of time. I've had many breakdowns and hard truths realized. And (on the flip side), I've experienced more joy and freedom, and have learned to trust and appreciate myself and all that it's taken for me to get to this point. I've grown so much and taken so many bold actions.  I am forever grateful for this journey and all that has transpired. I am blessed beyond measure with an incredible support system, and find myself completely in awe at how many are cheering me on. 

Transitioning to another stage in life looks different for each person. Some people need to know exactly what's happening and have a set plan in place. For me, it's giving up what I've known and trusting that new opportunities will abound. It's a true leap of faith for me. I'm not doing this the "responsible" or conventional way. I don't have an exact plan; I don't have a ton of money saved; and I don't know where my next "paycheck" or means for living will come from. I'm jumping without knowing where I will land. It's the antithesis to the security I've been clinging to my entire life. Yet, I know, If I don't go, I don't know. I'd rather take a risk and fail than to never have tried at all. 

So, come May 2nd, whether I'm fully ready or not, I'm boarding a plane and setting off to Southeast Asia. It's both exciting and scary. I hope that you will follow me on this journey and send your loving energy and support. 

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